12 quick ways to look fresh and younger

If you’re like me, and desperate to find the fountain of youth or at least waiting for an announcement from the scientific community that they’ve found a cure to halt or reverse the aging process, then your best bet in the mean time is to do everything in your power to ward off the hands of time on your body or at least give the illusion that you’re a vampire. Some people are just genetically gifted with youthful skin – think Pharrell Williams or Jennifer Lopez – if they don’t start showing signs of aging soon, I’m going to accuse them of being the walking dead. Or perhaps they just know the secrets to younger looking skin?

Here’s a few tips and hints on how you can reverse the appearance of aging and see visible improvements either instantly or in the very short term.


1.Use a silicon primer

Primers share a magical ingredient with things in the beauty industry that are better known for their enhancing properties such as breast implants – yep it’s silicone! Silcone Primers, applied under makeup, create the perfect base for foundation as they fill in imperfections including fine lines and pores so that makeup sits flawlessly on your skin. Best of all, it helps your makeup cling to your face to improve its durability throughout the day to weather through sweat or what ever conditions come your way. Try Cover-FX‘s calming Primer which brightens, clarifies, and balances dull skintones, while treating damaged skin and uneven pigmentation with its multitasking formula.

2. Splash some colour on your nails

Having well manicured and painted nails can actually make your hands appear younger and more youthful. Don’t forget to also moisturise your mits as we put our hands through alot so repay them with a bit of tender loving care.

3. Get more sleep

Adding an extra hour to your sleep routine is a good idea if you’re getting less than the recommended 8 hours.  Being well rested reduces dark eye circles and under eye bags that make you appear more aged and tired. Most importantly it goes way further than skin deep – it affects our mood, our ability to problem solve and general mental wellbeing which has really positive long term affects on your skin too.

4. Add highlights to your hair

Hair acts as a frame for your face so a colour-refresh or highlights in your hair can make your face appear fresher and more vibrant. Also important if you’ve got those pesky greys cropping up.

5. Wear sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight on your skin

This is a long term maintenance thing but it’s so important that I had to throw it in there. Your future self will thank your present and past self for your foresight. I’ve said it in the past and you’ve heard it time and time again from the experts but sunscreen helps protect your skin from premature aging. Afterall, you don’t want to end up looking like your favourite leather tanned hand bag – Best to stick with matching your hand bag to your shoes, and not you.

6. Use foundation and a powder to hide sun spots and blemishes

Foundation is a God-send – end of story.

7. Curl eye lashes or get lash extensions

The power of an eye lash curler and a slick of mascara are beyond this world. Curling your lashes helps to open your eyes and makes them appear brighter and more awake – this’ll make you appear more youthful and not to mention glamorous. Clamp it at your lash line then gradually work your way towards the ends to give a more natural and luscious effect.

8. Use warmer eyeshadow tones and opt for brown eyeliner rather than black

Too much eyeshadow can drag your eyes down and make you appear older but in saying that, none can also have the same aging effect. Opt for a neutral tones like bronze, chocolate or copper. Although quite seductive, black eye-liner can close up your eyes, making them appear smaller so try a brown tone to keep it looking more natural.

9. Hydrate your skin with moisteriser and an eye gel

I seriously can’t bang on about this enough – use moisteriser people! it’s just skin suicide not to hydrate your skin, particularly when your skin is exposed to all types of conditions and prone to drying out. Even if you have oily skin, you still need moisture. Stripping your skin of essential moisture can actually make you prone to break outs and on the flip side, having dry skin will only make it even dryer particularly when it’s up against harsh elements like heat, sun and cold weather conditions. A good eye gel or cream will help to hydrate and plump up your skin aroiund your eyes which will inturn give you a more youthful look as eyes are a good predictor of age.

10. Wash off your makeup before bed and use a non drying facial cleanser

Your skin will love you for letting it breath and rejuvinate while you sleep. Make sure you wash your makeup off really well before bed using a facial cleanser that doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or stretched. Don’t use abrasive towels or materials on your face, as this can damage your skin and strip off the moisture in your skin. Try cetaphil lotion with moistened cotton balls or makeup wipes to remove makeup without the need for harsh chemicals or rubbing – This is particularly helpful for people with senstive skin.

11. Whiten your teeth

Yellow teeth are a mark of age and basically just being alive long enough to accumulate those stains. Whitening strips, a home teeth whitening kit or a trip to the dentist can help get your pearly whites looking even whiter and will freshen your face, not to mention give you more confidence in your smile. Appearing positive and having a nice smile are attractive traits which can make you appear more care free and youthful.

12. Cosmetic injectables

Botox, cosmetic fillers and other injectables are a quick and temporary fix to erase those fine lines and wrinkles. As the name suggest, cosmetic fillers such as collagen and restylane fill in the deep folds under your skin as seen in the lines in the corner of your mouth and nose and also create fuller lips and pad out hollow cheeks and eyes. They last between 6-12 months.

Botox on the other hand relaxes your muscles to prevent skin from creasing and causing wrinkles. It’s most popular areas are on expression lines such as on the forehead and crows feet around the eyes. This one’s a professional job so consult an expert before you consider this option.

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