Eat Fit Food – Can you lose weight by eating more?

I love keeping fit and more to the point, looking fit. The only problem is, I also love my food. As we all know, these two things together aren’t exactly a match made in heaven when trying to keep your weight in check. My busy life style also dictates a lot of what I eat, along with that obese person trapped inside me who I’m constantly keeping happy. I don’t want to come across as being overly dramatic, but what the hey – cue the music (Constant Craving’ by K.D Lang). And although K.D Lang is referring to a different type of craving, mine is simply about the food. I have a love affair with food that totally and utterly overrules any voice of reason which constantly reminds me about the ‘calorie in/calorie out’ rule. Yes trust me – I know the rule, but in that moment, “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”





I have however since found a way to over-come my demons, suprisingly by feeding them! I recently trialed Eat Fit Food – a healthy gourmet meal program that takes care of all your food. They prepared and delivered my meals directly to my door so I got out of doing any planning, shopping and cooking, and at the heart of each meal was my health thanks to their dietitian-designed meals.

I chose Eat Fit Food’s “Clean + Lean”  5 day program which is a high protein plan that supports optimal health and fitness, with meals totalling about 1400 calories a day.

All I can say is, I felt the love – from the food to the packaging itself. The meals came fresh (not frozen) every second day (two cooler bags – one for each day) packed full of goodies. I was like a kid at Christmas every time my delivery arrived. And the meals were super tasty. Every day was a new and different culinary experience. Each cooler bag included the day’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as two snacks. I enjoyed meals like ‘beef rendang with quinoa, coconut and seasonal greens’ and ‘sesame crusted salmon soba noodles with teriyaki sauce’ just to name a few.

I never got bored simply because there was so much variety. In fact with this program, I was actually eating more during the day! Perhaps this was the answer to helping me get closer to my weight loss goals. Yep you heard it correctly! An issue I had with my existing eating behaviour was being so obsessed with keeping my fat and sugar intake low during the day that by dinner time, I just felt totally unsatisfied and empty both physically and mentally. I withheld flavour and calories during the day which brought on cravings and made me feel like I could treat myself at dinner, and that was my biggest barrier toward getting leaner, despite all my exercise. The next morning, I’d feel so guilty about splurging during last night’s dinner that I’d revert back to ‘dieting’ which by that night, the cravings and large portioned dinners returned with a vengence – it was just a never ending cycle.

Eat Fit Food’s meals were so satisfying – each cooler bag carefully chilled with blocks of ice to keep everything so fresh so I was never worried about the meals being spoiled before I could reach it. Each meal was well labelled with the name of the dish and the ingredients. It didn’t however specify which was breakfast lunch or dinner – but  was very easy to work out none the less, and I guess this means that it’s all up to you as to how you choose to eat it and in which order.

My biggest issues with cooking my own meals is firstly knowing what the hell I feel like eating (every women’s daily dilemma), the time it takes to shop for ingredients as well as the prep, cooking and cleaning up time. I know this is an issue for a lot of working people. Also a trip to the grocery shop opens me up to a host of temptations and really puts my discipline to the test.

I found that with Eat Fit Food, there was never a reason for me to step into a grocery shop. The meals were all there waiting for me and were well portioned so that I always felt full but I was never in a position to get into the zone where I couldn’t find a ‘stop’ button. It helped control my portions which is the key to weight loss. I loved the feeling of having everything thoroughly thought-out and done for me – It just made life that little bit simpler.

A health issue I’ve had since I was young has been a sensitive stomach and an inability to effectively digest foods high in saturated oils. Eating a moderate amount of fried foods in one sitting ends in stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting – I’ve had tests done but it’s something that still remains one of those mysteries of the world. With Eat Fit Food’s meals, I haven’t experienced any of these symptoms.

Over all, I’d rate Eat Fit Food as a premium service based on the food quality (product), presentation, price and variety. It’s the closest thing to restaurant quality at home. Against its competitors who specialise in healthy prepared and delivered meals it does sit in the pricier range, but is on par with those who offer fresh rather than frozen delivered meals. It suits those who aren’t afraid to invest in their health and the sheer quality and convenience that this service offers. Eat Fit Food plans can also be tailored to suit different budgets as people can for example just order 5 or 7 days worth of dinners on their own which significantly reduces the price. I had a really positive overall experience with Eat Fit Food and lost 1/2 a kilo in a week purely by changing what I ate while maintaining the same level of exercise. I’m not a tall person by any means so this was quite a signifcant deal, which goes to show just how important food is in the journey toward weight loss and wellbeing.



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