DIY hacks to master beautiful eyebrows

Eyebrows can frame the face like nothing else. In fact, the beauty of eye brows are that they can act as a non-surgical face-lift by balancing your less favourable features and enhancing your more favoured ones. Fortunately for me, not being gifted with the most naturally flattering eye brows doesn’t mean that I can’t achieve ‘strong eyebrow game’, thanks to some amazing products and techniques to rectify my “John Howards”*, and ultimately lift my game.

* “John Howards” = bushy, untamed brows.

Here are some simple tips on how to DIY your brows to get the perfect shape.

1. Finding the right eyebrows for your face shape.

Look at the natural contours of your face and take note of the shape of your chin, jaw line and forehead. These will help you identify the overall shape of your face.


An oval shaped face is the most versatile and takes kindly to most brow shapes however soft angled eyebrows are ideal for people with an oval face.

For those with longer faces, the idea is to make your face appear shorter. Go for a flatter eyebrow shape which will give this illusion by ‘breaking up’ the face at the brow bone.

If you have a round shaped face, higher arches will help lengthen your features.

Those with a square shaped face, will have a prominent jawline. Slightly arched or gently curved eye brows will help to balance out the face to counteract the sharpness of the jaw and soften your overall look.

A heart-shaped face is defined by a wider forehead and a narrow chin. Ideally, going for longer eye brows with a softer curve will help to ‘break up’ the forehead and detract from the pointiness of the chin.

2. Find your true arch

To find the starting point of your eye brows, line up your eyebrow pencil vertically against the bridge of your nose and over your nostril – don’t forget to mark it. To find the tail point of your brows, line up your pencil against the side of your nose and angle it outwards towards the outer corner of your eye to mark the end point. Finally to mark your arch, look directly ahead and line up your pencil with the side of your nose, angling it towards the centre of where your pupils would be. To get an idea, your arch should be 3/4 of the way through. See the picture below:

3. Get the colour right

The general rule with brows is to have them one shade darker than your hair if you have light hair and one shade lighter if you have dark hair. If you have red hair, opt for a light to medium neutral brown. If you hair is black ideally go for a very dark grey or brown. In saying that, dare to go even darker as bolder eyebrows are so in season right now.

4. Fill in your brows

If you’re new to the DIY eyebrow game or going for a new shape, it’s a good idea to try light feathery strokes with your brow pencil, starting at the base of your brow and working upwards and outwards toward the tail of your brows. This conservative technique will help maintain a  natural look while creating fullness and shape to your eyebrows.

5. Use an eyebrow kit to sculpt and set

Invest in an eyebrow kit that acts as your one stop shop to create gorgeous, well textured brows.

Brow Zings by Benefit (pictured here) makes sculpting brows oh so easy. This particular kit helps to shape and set the eyebrows, with the pairing of wax and powder. The dual headed brushes also make application even easier and help to define your ideal shape. The tweezers included always come handy for ridding those strays and general up-keep, particularly when you’re on the go.

6. Eye shadow works a treat on your brows

No need to stress if you’ve run out of your eyebrow product – all you need is a matte brown eye shadow and an angled brush. Wet the brush and blot dry so that it’s damp before dipping it into your eye shadow. This method works as a great brow filler but it can also give you a bolder finish.

7. Control and set your eyebrows

If your brows are long or tend to be unruly, spritz some hairspray onto a spooly (cleaned mascara wand) and gently comb it through your brows, going upwards from the base then outwards towards the tail of your brows to show them who’s boss and keep them in their place all day long.

8. Use an eye brow stencil

Get eye brows looking picture perfect with the help of eye brow stencils – it’s a great short cut and ensures your brows are neat and consistent every time, particularly if you’re not a free-hand kinda gal. Brow stencil kits come in all different shapes to match your face shape and preferred look, and are relatively inexpensive. Try e.lf which have 4 stencils to choose from: Curved Arch, Soft Arch, Structured Arch and Full Arch.


9. Seal the deal with highlighter

You can achieve more definition and an over all cleaner look by highlighting your brows – This will also help to give you an instant eye lift. Apply highlighter under your eyebrows and above them, following the entire length to the tail. Finish them off by blending with your finger tips. Concealer also does the trick if you don’t have highlighter.

Featured image compliments of Studio MOR+ Photography

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