The 10 makeup commandments to live by

When it comes to our beauty routines, there’s no harm in being bold and daring  – that’s the recipe inspiring our latest catwalk trends the world around – but sometimes, not sticking to a few simple makeup rules can be a down-right sin.

Glitter Strobing

2017 is set to see new bold looks such as glitter strobing which is poised to take the party seen by storm. This is sort of like highlighting, except using glitter instead to accentuate the highest points of your face where the light catches. This includes your cheekbones, above your brow, the bridge of your nose, your cupid’s brow and chin. But before you start getting too rebellious, there’s still a few golden rules you should religiously stick to.


1. Avoid poor lighting when applying makeup 

Have you ever unleashed yourself onto the world thinking you looked damn fine but then upon catching a glimpse of your reflection, come to the realisation that you could have very well taken makeup tips from the Joker? That my friend, is the work of bad lighting. To ensure you don’t end up looking like the 5th band member of KISS, make sure to always check your makeup under natural or warm white lighting.

2. Set the concealer under your eyes

Pandas are cute but by no means do we want to resemble them with those dark circles around our eyes and those under-eye creases from concealer are just as bad. A handy trick to set your concealer is to apply translucent powder with a dampened makeup sponge. This’ll not only help mask dark eye circles but will also help you avoid getting under eye creases from your concealer.

3. Bring back those eye lash curlers

So who doesn’t want to look glamorous and wide eyed at the same time? The combination of lash curlers with mascara can do wonders for your eyes, making your lashes appear longer and more luscious. Your eyes will instantly look bigger and brighter so you can flutter those lashes all day long.

4. Open eyes up with white eye liner

Have you ever woken up with a serious case of tired-eye? You may have had a late night, been our drinking or just feeling a quite dull. A secret to looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed is to apply white eyeliner. This will give your eyes that instant fresh look and also makes your eyes appear bigger and wider.

5. Tone it down

I’m going there with the panda analogy again except this time, I’m referring to what not to look like when trying to achieve the smoky eye effect. This look is quite hard to get right for a day time outing unless you’re going for the ‘I gotta black-eye from that pub brawl’ look. If you’re keen on achieving a softer version that’ll bring out the colour of your eyes rather than having you look like a goth, try using neutral or bronze tones.

6. Enhance, don’t hide

“I’m not sick, it’s just that I’m not wearing makeup!” I can definitely relate to this phrase. Makeup just makes you look like a fresher version of yourself and enhances your features but by no means is it meant to mask them. Be proud of your uniqueness as you’re looks are exclusive only to you (unless you’re an identical twin that is) so celebrate what you’ve got. On the topic of being unique, a good idea is to find that a signature look for yourself, a look that you know you can pull off at an instants notice, so you’ll feel confident that you’re always looking amazing even when you’re on the go.

7. Remove your makeup before bed

It can be so easy to skip this routine as we wait with baited breath to snuggle into our beds after a long hard day. Maintaining your skin to avoid premature aging involves washing your face before bed. This removes the  dirt, oil and makeup that have been clogging your pores – washing off these impurities allows your skin to breath and rejuvenate while you sleep.

8. Don’t skip the sunscreen

I’m hearing the ‘The sunscreen song’ in my head right now. Living in Australia or any country where there’s day-light for that matter, can have a harmful effect on your skin as sun exposure can cause premature aging, as well as pigmentation and sun spots. Applying sunscreen under your makeup doesn’t mean that you’re compromising the finish of your foundation. Opt for a non-greasy 50+ sunscreen that you can easily glide your makeup over without it slipping off your face. Sunscreens such as Actinica double-up as a primer too so you can create the perfect base to achieve a beautiful dewy finish.

9. Take a light-handed approach to your powder

Caking on the finishing powder could end up making you look years closer to retirement, not to mention making your skin look dry. Opt for a light dusting before you leave the house and use blotting paper to soak up the excess oil on your t-zones during the day to remove the shine.

10. Get your foundation professionally matched

Like makeup, us ladies come in all different shades and certain parts of our face and body will naturally be darker where the light hits, however there’s nothing worse than looking like your face belongs to someone else’s body from a different cultural heritage all together. So matching your foundation to suit your own colour is crucial. If you’ve been using the same colour foundation for a while, it’s a good idea to double check at a makeup counter to ensure it’s still perfect for you.

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