5 essential skin & hair tips to beat the heat this summer

Summer lends itself to a more carefree energy, however it’s more essential not to let your beauty routine slide in the warmer months, as the heat, humidity, increased exposure to sunlight and dips at the beach or pool can all contribute to worn our hair and skin, leaving you feeling a little worse for wear when autumn rolls around.

 We’ve compiled the most essential tricks to look and feel great while enjoying the long afternoons and warm weather.
1. SPF Saver: Wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is no secret, but to keep your sun protection levels at maximum all day long, look for makeup with built-in SPF. Liquid foundations with an SPF15 are perfect to blend over your sunscreen, and touch up during the day with a powder foundation or loose mineral powder with added SPF (those with zinc-based protection are great for sensitive skin). By topping up your makeup throughout the day you can limit premature ageing and sun damage.
2. Double Dip: At the end of the day when you’re rinsing off in the shower or removing your makeup, a single cleanse might not cut it. If you’ve got SPF on under your makeup (as you should!) then a once-over with your old faithful cleanser could leave remnants of products on your face as you sleep, so go in for a second cleanse and make sure to work the product into your skin and neck, cleansing thoroughly before towel-drying.
3. Water Wonders: Before you dive into your local pool or waves, apply a light layer of leave-in conditioner or serum to the ends of your hair and keep your hair off your face in a loose braid or bun to prevent excessive knotting. Post swim, try a nourishing hair treatment in the shower, use a wide-toothed comb and air dry. For blonde hair, be aware that chlorine can change the colour of your hair, and if you regularly get your colour lifted, beach and pool trips can take a toll on the integrity of your hair. Ask your stylist about specific products to protect and repair without losing your hard-earned shade!
4. Sunburn Soothers: We never intend to get burnt, but if you find yourself in a sore situation after a little too long in the sun, stay out of direct sunlight for the next few days. Our skin is our biggest organ so give it some room to repair in the shade, and cover up with lightweight clothing and a light layer of unscented body moisturiser if you require it. Avoid touching, icing or peeling your skin, and keep an eye on any changes in your skin pigmentation in the following weeks.
5. Heat Waves: Limit your use of heat tools for your hair as the temperature rises, and opt for styles that embrace your natural texture. Allowing your hair to air dry saves your hair from a double blast of heat and keeps the natural moisture in tact for longer. Braids, tousled beachy locks or a chic chignon will keep you cool so you can forego the dead-end trim at the end of the season.
These tips were brought to you by LUXit’s beauty expert, Holly who works with Australia’s only multi-award winning mobile beauty and wellbeing service. Book at-home hair, makeup, manicures, spray tans and more via the LUXit App, online or by phone. You can visit www.luxit.me for more information.

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